Retouched Studio Imagery

What is Editing, Photoshop, Retouching or Airbrushing?

Some of the terms used in the industry are Photo Editing, Image Editing, Photo Manipulation, High End Retouching, Photoshopping or Airbrushing just to name a few words that are used by photographers. It all can mean the same but it is really the level and quality of the work that sets a retoucher apart from another. You will see some images below showing you the detail in the work we provide with our final retouched photographs.


What does it cost?

Retouching images are costed two ways. We offer a per image base rate or an hourly retoucher rate for the editing/photoshop work required. Depending on the projects budget we can retouch from natural and realistic editing to creating digital art. Every photograph has a different requirement of retouching from small adjustments to spending hours on an image.

How do we retouch your images?

We provide different levels of work from quick touch up editing of your photos to remove a marks, skin blemishes, bruising or pimple right up to a fully edited, photoshopped, retouched image that suits the needs of our clients.

Colour Correction

Every effort has been made to accurately represent the correct vision of the images seen on this website. However, due to differences in computer monitors and certain other variations, the images here should only to be taken as a guide. Obviously, the colour and sharpness of high resolution imagery will be far superior to what is presented on a standard computer monitor and web ready only images on this website.











Corporate Portrait Retouched Photograph

Beauty Retouching

Digital Art

We work with portraits, wedding photo editing, product & jewelry retouching, adverts, backgrounds, photo restoration, photo enhancement and colour correction.