Radio & Television campaigns are an essential resource in the advertising industry, and the more intense your campaign efforts are, the higher the need for a film still photographer to capture crucial moments that can easily be stolen off your efforts to create an overwhelming final experience.

Employing an on-set photographer in this capacity is one of the most vital things to take note of, as the absence of one can lead to the loss of some of the most crucial scenes.

With David Broadway Photography, we offer an unbeatable still photography and video service to ensure that your campaign is top-notch and retains the highest quality; thereby boycotting expensive re-shoots as it happens in many cases. We are experts at capturing all the essential footages that you might need and arranging quick-setups to ensure that there are no disruptions or delays to your shooting experience.

The David Broadway team has of some of the most experienced staff members in Perth, as we have worked with numerous commercial and advertising agency directors, so you can rest assured of our professionalism and expertise in handling your campaigns. We can also provide a professionally tailored behind-the-scenes footage in video or photographs. Get in touch with us today and get started on creating a mind-blowing campaign experience.

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