Stand out and make a lasting impression with a professional image with your flight attendant application by David Broadway.

Professional Cabin Crew Application Portrait Session

Many airlines require that those applying to become a flight attendant submit a full-length body shot and headshot/portrait with their application.

David Broadway will match any airline's requirements to ensure your cabin crew application is not held back due to incorrect or poorly presented photographs. We’ve worked with many cabin crew applicants in Australia who have used their professional images to apply to airlines such as Qantas, Emirates, and Qatar.

If you are applying to become a flight attendant either in Australia or overseas, getting professional photos taken personally by David Broadway will ensure your application sets a great, long-lasting first impression that might make all the difference to getting your dream job.

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Instructions for Full-Length Formal Photo & Passport Sized Photos

You will need to normally upload 1 full length formal photo (10cm x 15cm or 4" x 6"), 1 identical passport sized (4.5cm x 3.5cm or 1.78" x 1.38") photo and 2 smart/sophisticated photos.

We can provide the professional formal photograph on white background (as seen here) but can also do other colours such as blue. Please confirm the requirements for your photo shoot.

Professional Grooming

  • Visible makeup
  • Hair professionally groomed in a bun
  • Hair neat and tidy

Must Have

  • BIG happy smile
  • Full length (the top of your head & your shoes must be visible)
  • Hands straight by the side with both legs together. Stand up straight.
  • You must be directly facing the camera
  • The photo cannot be altered/photoshopped
  • Good lighting - no shadows
  • Sharp and in focus

Business Attire

  • Closed fitted jacket
  • Knee length skirt
  • High heels (closed-toed / no angle straps)
  • Skin colour stockings
  • No neck scarves, no jewellery
  • No glasses, no colour contact lenses
  • No watches

Proofing & Image Selection

After the shoot, we will provide a proof copy of the images (low resolution) so that you can select the final photographs. Once we receive your selection, we will take a day to finalise and return the images electronically for downloading.


Terms & Conditions


Cabin Crew Portraits  Cabin Crew Portraits

cabin crew female headshot cabin crew female full body

cabin crew female full body

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Check List

  • Think about Personal Grooming
  • Select clothing outfits suitable to match the application
  • Schedule & Book Online
  • Email extra information about your application including the sample portraits provided by the airline.
  • Any questions, please call David on 0402 511 899.

Available at short notice

Need a portrait photographed tomorrow? No problem. David Broadway can take bookings as soon as 13 hours from now.

Instant bookings

Booking takes 60 seconds to fully confirm your portrait session directly with David Broadway.

Direct private link

After your shoot, you'll receive an email for access to all the images. Select your best shots for retouching to fully enhance the final set of photographs.

Impressive, CBD studio space

Ready to shoot before you step in the front door. David has competency in performance.

Price upfront portrait session

Purchase what is right for you. Just require the photographs? Or you want to go all out with having your hair and makeup done before we shoot and fully retouched photographs.

Portrait inspiration

Need any ideas for styling your next headshot? This will help visually decide on lighting, background and how you want the shots cropped.